Idles return in colossal fashion

Your favourite Bristolian punks are back with a bang and a very loud one at that. Idles may have only been gone for a year or so but the world has been crying out for their return. This time singer Joe Talbot is going to war on toxic masculinity and the archaic idea of the ‘real man’.

‘Colossus’ starts in an uncharacteristic manner for Idles, it’s menacing and brooding and makes you desperate for the thrashing guitars our ears have become accustomed to.  The stripped back instrumentation swells up as one giving Talbot’s words a sense of anger and urgency as he screams ‘it goes and it goes’ on repeat. A loose and wild punk tune starts to build until everything drops out to leave a droning bassline and hi-hat before silence leads to a furious count in and thrashing punk tune like we are accustomed to from the Bristol band.

Talbot screams about not wanting to be the stereotype of a man before comparing himself to men who are held up on a plinth but not without putting his own twist on it first. ‘I’m like Stone Cold Steve Austin, I put homophobes in coffins’ he bellows before more cementing his position as the defender of the modern day man.

Idles are a band who use anger and aggression to deliver their message of sympathy, love and tolerance and maybe that’s what people need to have their heads turned.

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