‘In your own sweet time’ – The Fratellis’ best yet.

After a strong start with the insanely popular ‘Costello Music’ twelve years ago. The Fratellis subsequent album music sadly faded out of relevancy. With live shows relying on early hits like the indie anthem ‘Chelsea Dagger’ almost ten years on from release, some of the tracks on their second album ‘Here We Stand’ deserved far more attention than they ever got, with some being even better than ‘Costello Music’ tunes. But, The Fratellis’ next efforts, after a hiatus filled with numerous side projects, came in the form of ‘We Need Medicine’ in 2013 and ‘Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied’ two years later. The albums simply didn’t live up to the high expectations of an electric and exciting album that people wanted from The Fratellis.

The Glasgow trio’s most recent effort ‘In your own sweet time’, is without a doubt their best yet. With this being a fifth album, experience from their ‘Costello Music’ days is clear; yet this album still retains that youthful energy and fun that made them so popular in the first place. Not one track feels out of place, the album is a cohesive listening experience and yet each song stands on its own as an independent effort. There are no real duds and many tracks are more than worthy of being singles.

‘In your own sweet time’ opens with a bang – with three stand out tracks straight away. ‘Stand up Tragedy’ has a undeniably catchy beat, it’s a tune that’s just made to dance to, and it has a stick-in-your-head bouncy chorus. Next, ‘Starcrossed Losers’ and as the title suggests is a humorous take on the story of Romeo and Juliet where the heroes never quite make it last: ‘And he said Juliet I told you I was only passing through’. Again, this is another carefree tune. The third of the opening tracks, ‘Suagrtown’, takes its influence straight from 50’s American pop, with The Fratellis managing to convey the feeling of longing and desire that is so poignant throughout the lyrics of this album.

Half way through, the album is broken up with the funny, and fun, ‘Next time we wed’ listing all the ways in which the next time this couple get married it will be better. With the lyrics wittily summing up exactly how most couples arguments begin, and with the lyricist promising to be perfect ‘I’ll be wrong when you’re right, keep my mouth shut and lips tight’. This is followed straight after with ‘I’ve been blind’, a soaring and spinning guitar track with perhaps the most genuinely meaningful lyrics of the whole album.

The penultimate track, ‘Indestructible’, is another undeniably catchy tune that you’ll catch yourself nodding your head and tapping your feet along to. The fun and sometimes nonsensical lyrics such as ‘Queen of England, Helen of Troy, she doesn’t even mind if you’re a girl or a boy’ are instantly singable and characteristic of much of the album.

This album is a triumph from a band that was slowly slipping out of our sights and The Fratellis have undoubted earned their place front and centre again, and will have gained new fans whilst they regained old ones. ’In your own sweet time’ is by far The Fratellis’ most musically mature and simultaneously fun work to date and if you listen to it once you’ll be listening to its hummable choruses and toe tapping dance beats all year.

Words: Soph Shrive

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