Indoor Pets create a feral crowd

Indoor Pets have been knocking around for a while now but they seem to be really gaining momentum. There was a time last summer where things seemed to calm down for the Sittingbourne band and you would have been forgiven for thinking they were slowly fizzling out but instead they were gearing up for a name change.

The change from Get Inuit to Indoor Pets seem to have reinvigorated Jamie Glass and co. Last night they closed out a seven date tour of the UK at London’s Borderline. Much of the talk on Twitter during the tour had been about the pre show TV theme tunes playlist which lived up to the hype, including the themes songs to children’s favourites such as Chucklevision and Arthur before ending with the Patrick Carney written Bojack Horseman theme tune as the band walked on.

Set opener ‘Mean Heart’ gets the crowd excited and from the start fans are screaming lyrics at the top of their lungs. Fan favourite ‘Electrify’ follows and the crowd turn feral during 2017 single ‘All My Friends’ and not long after a few brave crowdsurfers start to appear. Mosh pits spanning the majority of the floor start to appear before a short moment of rest bite during a cover of Aretha Franklin’s ‘I Say A Little Prayer’ and the crowd got their breath back.

Latest single ‘So Soon’ follows shortly and the pits have opened up once again. ‘On and On’ and ‘Barbiturates’ are an opportunity for Glass to show off his eccentric dance moves which are a key part as to why so many people come out to see Indoor Pets. Glass is a man who truly understands the youth of today and uses social media to highlight his own quirks and turn them into something entertaining that will attract new fans.

Set closer ‘Pro Procrastinator’ again sparks at least 5 crowdsurfers and a mass of people throwing their bodies around without a care in the world. Indoor Pets allow their fans to escape into a different reality for 12 songs. They are a band who have created a live show that allows fans to forget their problems and enjoy themselves and in today’s climate that is so important. Indoor Pets may not make big social or political statements but in modern times that’s so important in itself. Yes, it’s nice to see a youth ao politically engaged making a difference in this world but let’s not forget that fun is necessary too.

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