Indoor Pets’ debut album ‘Be Content’ is “full of upbeat, bouncy punk music”

In a time when many people cite how guitar music is supposedly dead, the rock music scene really needs a band to re-invigorate the genre. Something lively, exciting and new. Luckily, Indoor Pets have come and done just that. Their sound is familiar enough that it won’t put older fans of the genre off, yet unique enough to attract the attention of many people who may have been drifting away from the rock scene.

Be Content, the band’s debut album was released on March 8th, and I have to say it was by far my most anticipated album of the year. Having caught the band live a few times I was excited to see how their electric live presence would translate onto a recorded album. Thankfully I was not disappointed. Right from the very first track, Hi, the album hooks you in with bouncy, fun instrumentals and catchy lyrics that will really drill themselves into your head. Teriyaki was the first song I ever heard from the band, back when I first saw them. This album version of the song elevates it to a whole new level, the production sounds crisp and the bass on the verses really pops out. The production on the whole album is great, keeping the raw energy that the band have live, yet also having the professional and clean sound that many people now expect from a modern rock album. Much of this is also down to the band’s tight performance on this album.

Alongside the energetic punk songs, Be Content also has some slower, more relaxed tracks. The Mapping of The Dandruff sandwiched in between Heavy Thoughts and Being Strange, it offers a small moment of respite from the pummeling tracks that surround it. With the lyric “I’m so human it hurts” it is one of my personal highlights of the album.

Going into the back end of the album, Mean Heart is probably my favourite song on the entire record. With guitar licks that seem influenced by blues rock and a tempo that doesn’t let up throughout the entire length of the track. It is a lively reminder of why guitar music is still alive and kicking.

Be Content by Indoor Pets is definitely a must listen. Their debut is full of upbeat, bouncy punk music. Be sure to catch them on their April tour and on their many festival dates this summer, as these songs are sure to be even better when played in a sweaty room of moshing fans.


Words: Alex Thomson

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