Interview: Divina De Campo

Divina De Campo is ready to, quite literally ‘sleigh’ the house down, as she releases her festive EP Red & Silver.

Stuffed with innuendo and glinting with the artists’ signature sparkle that raised her to top three on season one of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, the (in ours, and the nation’s eyes) rightful & deserved winner of the crown walks us through the versatile collection of seasonal anthems.

“You have to go ‘okay, I can’t just sing stuff that I would in Church, that would be weird,” begins Divina. Working with Mike Carter, and Rick Neil, the trio harnessed the *power of three* to create magic.

Red & Silver‘ consists of four tracks, each unique and completely balls-to-the-wall in a way that only Divina De Campo could achieve. From the aptly-titled ‘Stuff My Stocking’, which consists of a chorus that’ll have your Grandma’s eyebrows raising the roof, to the insatiable ‘Sleigh The House Down’, Christmas truly has come early.

“For good measure, I’ve thrown in a re-telling of the 12 Days Of Christmas too,” says Divina. A twist on a classic, the first listen will have you reeling; and reaching for that ‘repeat’ button. She continues, “I had like two sides of words which were potentials for the song,” speaking of the infamous gifts featured in the track. Gone are the turtle doves and gold rings, and instead fly in ‘bouncing boobies’ and the iconic pin badge from BBC Three (eeeeee).

Red & Silver‘ was recorded in the garage of Divina’s townhouse, which has become a home studio after moving in during the first lockdown. What might be a slight for her neighbours has been spun into gold sonically; something even walls of carpeted cladding can’t hide.

Speaking of the inspiration for the EP’s name and title track ‘Red & Silver All Year Long’, De Campo says “a lot of our decorations when I was at home growing up were red and silver, maybe that’s the weird subconscious that meant I was going to pair a red wig and a silver dress”. (Side note: please don’t tell me I have to explain that to you; google it, if you’re lost).

“There’s always that worry that people are gonna go ‘what a capitalist bitch… like, doesn’t she know we’re in a global pandemic?” she chuckles, as we discuss the legendary website plug that bursts out at the end of the track. (Speaking of the EP as a whole) “Fingers crossed it’s something people can look forward to and help take their minds off things right now because God knows we’re living in crazy times. It’s something not so serious on the horizon”.

To support the EP, Divina De Campo will be taking to the streets! She’ll also be going on tour across the UK throughout December, so *shameless plug* get your tickets! “Everybody knows I can sing properly but that doesn’t mean I take myself seriously. [There’ll be] a bit of classic stuff, musical theatre, original stuff I’ve written… and a rewrite or two, which will be smutty as hell because that’s always in a show from me!”.

Divina De Campo is also supporting George House Trust (a local HIV Charity) right now by auctioning off iconic looks via Jumblebee from her ground-breaking stint on Drag Race UK. In the eight-piece collection are her entrance look, the weird science look and THAT day-at-the-races fantasy. Bidding is live until the 17th December and is going towards a fantastic cause close to Divina’s heart.

“I have worked with George House Trust a lot over the last six/seven years. Anything that I’ve been able to work with them on I have done because they do so much locally, which I think is really important, supporting people who need it”.

“I think GHT suffer a little bit because they’re not national. They don’t have the same exposure but they do incredible work for people. These outfits have brought me a lot of joy either because they either kept me in the competition or helped me to win and I want other people to be able to have that same joy I’ve had out of them”.

Find the George House Trust auction here.

Catch Divina on tour through December – tickets here.

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