Ready to cause a pop disturbance, it’s Flo Gallop.

The pitch-perfect South-east Londoner has only recently entered the pop ring and has already scored a knockout with the infectiously charming ’21’: a laidback number dissecting Flo Gallop‘s day-to-night gallivanting around the city.

Next, she cements her relatability status in follow-up tune ‘Can’t Be Friends’ as she falls for the wrong person and gladly ignores the consequences that arise with it.

With stark comparisons to Lily Allen and Kate Nash, it’s no wonder all eyes are firmly placed on the 22-year-old’s next moves in her journey to pop domination.

Hello Flo! How’re we doing? What have you been up to today?

“Hey!!!! I am great thank you, being real, cracking on through lockdown and ready to get back out gigging and appreciating live music. I am currently outside in the garden enjoying this random sunshine we have been blessed with today!!!”

I would like to start off by saying ’21’ is just brilliant. I’m sure you have plenty of songs in the vault ready and waiting, what made you pick ’21’ as your introduction track?

“AHHH thank you so much!! That really means a lot. Every time someone says they like it, it’s such a buzz! I think it was a good song to represent me as an artist, it was a song that I wrote and thought that’s just me all over. It’s fun, it’s colourful, it’s vibrant and It just fitted exactly where I wanted to be as an artist and it made sense that it would be the first listeners heard from me. The reaction was overwhelming and I’m so pleased I did pick it to be the first single.”

’21’ was obviously written at a point where the night tube still existed and karaoke bars were actually open, what are 21-year-olds getting up to at the moment then?

“Hahaha, when life was a dream!! I think this time has been weird, there’s no denying that it has been potentially one of the hardest things we will ever have to face. I’ve tried to look at the positives and that has been being inventive with things. Since being indoors I think we’ve had to make our own fun and make life feel as normal as possible from the comfort of our own home.

Although there have been no real parties I have to tell you that Zoom parties really can be quite good craic & you don’t have to factor in the stress of making it home safely cos you’re already there haha (maybe I am just lazy after all this lockdown). All jokes aside though, there’s been so much stuff to do virtually and so many great people to meet virtually, I think it’s been a very difficult time but I’ll definitely take the good from it where I can!”

You were brought up around music and your dad heavily infiltrated you with musical influences, did it take long to know you wanted to follow the same path as him?

“I think it was always clear I was gonna entertain, I am just a show-off, I love it and my dad is just the exact same, we both wanna sing, dance and have fun. My dad just gave me every opportunity, he loves music and wanted us to love it too. He gigged a lot and we spent a lot of time at our local music shop. Over the years he’s built up a lot of equipment and taught me how to use everything, set up with a band, pack down at gigs, all stuff like that.

Being around music the way I was, it gets in your soul, it just becomes your thing. Genuinely, I believe that music rules the world and I am so proud to be involved in this industry. Every day I’m learning and meeting inspiring people and you fall in love with it more and more every day.”

Can you remember the first time you put pen to paper and wrote your own music? 

“I have visions of my dad sat at the piano and me sat on an armchair next to it, he was writing and I remember writing too but I mean I must’ve been about 5 or 6 so I doubt it was any good haha. The first time I properly wrote was around the age of 15, problem was, I didn’t play an instrument, so to write I used backing tracks of songs I liked but hadn’t listened to enough to know the song properly which meant I could use the backing track to write over the top of it.

This became quite boring because instead of something going the way you hear it, you have to conform with what you’ve got so I realised it was time to pick up the guitar. I then was able to write songs properly and it was such a good tool for me to be creative with. That was probably around age 18 and since then that’s what I’ve been doing!”

Love, love, love your style. I feel like you’re on the cusp of your very own ‘Made of Bricks’ – what is it about this unconventionally British style of music that you’ve been drawn to?

“OMG!!!! I absolutely love that!!! That makes me v v happy hehe. Well, it’s funny you should say that. Kate Nash’s ‘We Get On’ off that album was a song that really drew me to this style when I was younger. It was a story told by her and you were with her & gripped through the entire journey, I still am 14 years on. It’s sad and it’s organic but it’s also sassy and completely boss.

I loved her approach to songwriting and the realness of it. She creates images that’ll be different for every single person depending on what they’ve been through and it’s inspiring. That album is a massive inspo for me so to be slightly compared to it makes me very happy!”

Are you listening to anybody new at the mo that you think we all need in our lives?

“I guess he’s not that new but if you haven’t listened to Rex Orange County, please do! I like his style, his lyrics, his vibe, his image. I like that he uses instruments people don’t think to use anymore, I think he is unique and original so yes I am a ROC fangirl and you should all go and check him out if u haven’t already!”

Talk to me about your recent ‘Chats on the Flo’ endeavour – where did this idea come from?

“So, I realised I love talking, I talk for England, if you gave me a piece of cake and said talk about this for an hour I reckon I could. So, I thought why not get lots of creative and inspiring people and interview them about what they do, ask the questions that we really wanna know and just have a chat with them, no pressure just me and them having a chat.

I filmed episode 2 last night & it is just great, I’m finding out seriously cool information. I’m also trying to interview people that tend to be behind the scenes so generally, we don’t know that much about them so it’s good to now find out. It’s every Monday @ 7PM live on my Instagram.”

Which of your idols would you love to have a natter with on ‘Chats on the Flo’?

“TOO MANY. Tom Grennan would be the guy though, I’d love to just quiz him and find out everything I’ve always wondered. I’ve followed him from the very beginning till now so I feel like I know him haha.”

‘Can’t Be Friends’ is our second taste of Flo Gallop and written about toxic love – how did this one come about and was the process of writing/producing this?

“‘Cant Be Friends’ is written about the love you should be running away from but you’re drawn back to every time you try. I was going through that at the time, we’ve all been there, we all know it & it seemed right to write a song about it. I think it’s just a relatable topic and I’m the sort of person who when I’m going through a situation like that I actively search for music to fit my feelings so I thought this could be the song you’re listening to when you’re going to meet THAT person.

It’s got a sad undertone but the message of the song is really not that deep, it’s all good craic and we all love breaking the rules a bit so ‘Can’t Be Friends’ is the song for you when you’re next in that sticky situ!”

Right then, once we’re all vaccinated up and ready to dive into sweaty gigging again where would you first like to play a show?

“YESSSSSS!!! I have never been more ready! I’m gonna be honest anywhere that will have me. The first gig I do will be the first with released songs so I think it will be a special one & I am very excited for it. I would love to do a couple of festivals in the sunshine this summer. I’ve missed that!”

What does the rest of the year have in store for Flo Gallop?

“MORE MUSIC, more content, more fun on socials & lots of glitter & bright colours. I feel so ready and I’m buzzing for what’s to come.”

Follow Flo Gallop on Twitter: @Flo__Gallop and Instagram: @Flo_Gallop.

Jordan White
Assistant Editor

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