Introducing Aberdeen’s own alternative indie rockers, Vansleep

As part of our new introducing feature, we recently caught up with Vansleep to discuss their recent EP You Should Have Said Something’, homemade cover videos & their biggest achievements in music. The four-piece have sparked our interest over the past year with their releases accumulating over 200,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Firstly, how are you guys coping in lockdown?

We are doing alright, however, being the type of people that thrive off of being in a room filled with sweaty bodies its obviously taking a toll now! Just trying to remain as positive as possible and finding joy in the little things in life, rather than getting caught up in all the negativity too much.

You recently released your EP ‘You Should Have Said Something’, tell us more about that?

We have wanted to release an EP for a wee while now. After just doing singles for so long we really wanted to manifest our energy and emotions into one body of work. Something we could collectively call all our own and relate to. The title seemed to tie the three songs thematically together so it seems like a good title. 

The latest single ’Stargazer’ received some great plaudits from the likes of This Feeling & Sounds Good blog. How did those come about?

We have done some shows with This Feeling in the past and have always enjoyed working with them! The other reviews always just come along due to all work that our management puts in pre-release to get it sent around as much as possible!

I’ve seen your homemade cover videos across social media, are we likely to see more of this sort of content from you?

Yeah definitely. We have just taken a while actually getting round to learning the steps involved in creating a video like that. We figured it’s the best way people can stay connected with the band and also keeps us a little bit sane. too.

What would you say has been your greatest achievement to date?

Think we would all agree that our headline at the start of last year was one of the best moments in the bands’ history so far. Crazy buzz from that show.

Can you describe your live show in just three words?


Are there any live plans for once shows resume?

There has obviously been lots of things that have been pushed back. Shows all over really but as you can imagine, everyone is dying to reschedule things so we are just keeping our eyes and ears open to hear. We are also hopeful for festival dates when that finally returns! 

Who would you say are the biggest influences on your music?

Our influences include the likes of Jaws, Interpol, Biffy Clyro, and Arctic Monkeys to name a few of the biggest. You would of course find quite a mix of bands and genres in all of our Spotify libraries. 

What’s next for Vansleep?

The next big plan is to head back into the studio as soon as possible really. We are in touch with our producer so things are in the works for sure. We are still writing lots and working on a new sound but like all bands just now. We have to make the most of the global situation and do as much as we can from home to make sure we are staying connected with everyone who is into our band. Don’t want anyone forgetting our ugly mugs any time soon!


Billy Fitzjohn
Writer and promoter

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