“For me personally, I make music because it helps me understand whatever it is I’m going through and if that resonates with my listeners, that’s a massive bonus.”

Brixton-based rapper and singer-songwriter Jack Bushrod whose stage name goes along as his last name BUSHROD, writes music that reflects his thoughts and feelings. No matter what mood, he strives for his listeners to be able to resonate with him, and as he confides in them through music, they are comforted by him. 

His most recent alternative hip-hop offering ‘Hide & Seek’, is a flouncy bop is drenched in shining beats, bass, and personality. Written on a dark day when the sun was hiding behind the clouds and rain hit his window, BUSHROD wished for some light, some happiness, and some of that sweet, sweet vitamin D. 

Since his latest offering, Jack has been featured in Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist and Amazon music – things seem to be looking up for BUSHROD. Keep on shining!

Talk to us about your most recent single ‘Hide & Seek’, it’s groovy and is definitely needed to help the lockdown blues…

I wrote ‘Hide & Seek’ in my bedroom when it was dark, gloomy, and pissing it down with rain. I was looking out the window and thinking how much I miss the sunshine. As we all know, in the UK, we don’t see a lot of sun so I wanted this to be a tune for all the people craving that good vitamin D! The record is almost written from the perspective of a relationship, where the one thing I want is running away from me and I want it back.

You seem to delve into the themes of mental health, relationships, and so on… how do you think your music resonates with your listeners?

Mental health, relationships, and real-life situations are things that everyone can relate to in one way or another. For me personally, I make music because it helps me understand whatever it is I’m going through and if that resonates with my listeners, that’s a massive bonus. It’s always mind-blowing to me how I can write a song when I’m feeling a particular way, release it, and then someone messages me about how it’s helped them through a hard time. That’s what it’s all about for me.”



What inspires you the most when writing your songs?

Thoughts, feelings, and emotions are obviously big topics for any songwriter. Although, a lot of the time I actually find the most boring, mundane, everyday things really interesting to write about. When I’m out and about, I’m constantly observing and analysing the world around me. I tend to write words or phrases into the Notes app on my phone and then come back to them later and incorporate them into a song. It could literally be the most random thing about something I’ve seen on the tube or on the high street, but it will always somehow relate back to an experience or a feeling I had in that particular moment in time.

How do you think your music has progressed from your two mix-tapes ‘Happy Go Lucky’ and ’Twentyhood’ to your latest single?

For me, an important part of progression within music is experimentation. In my early days, people will have known me as a classic ‘rapper’, but I slowly learnt that I don’t enjoy boxing myself in with one particular genre or mood, I think it’s so restricting and doesn’t allow my music to flourish. ‘Happy Go Lucky’ and ‘Twentyhood’ had a range of different genres, a lot of it being indie-rock and hip-hop fused together, which I absolutely love. My latest single ‘Hide & Seek’ definitely has elements of funk and indie-pop, which is slightly different from my older stuff. When it comes to making music, if I can vibe to it and it makes me feel good, that’s all that matters to me, regardless of genre.

What are your future plans for 2021 and beyond?

2021 has been a bit of a whirlwind so far. After ‘Hide & Seek’ being added to Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist and also being featured with Amazon Music, things have been looking really good. I’ve got lots of new music to be released in the coming months, shows booked in (which I can hopefully announce soon), and also some fashion brand campaigns on the go which is really exciting. After just about surviving a tough 2020 in the pandemic as a musician, I’m not playing games this year!”


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