INTRODUCING: Jackson Lucitt

Introducing Port Talbot’s Jackson Lucitt

South Wales dreamboat, Jackson Lucitt is set to release his brand new, debut single ‘Text Back Blues’ which is peppered with energy and bouncy guitar strums – Lucitt’s happy personality shines through and walks alongside upbeat riffs. It’s an indie-folk wonder. 

The track will be released on all streaming platforms on the 2nd of April, and you can pre-save it here.

What is the main inspiration behind ’Text Back Blues’?

Basically, I was seeing this girl, thought it was going really well, and all of a sudden the conversation dies. She’d gone from texting me all day, every day, to nothing at all. ‘Text Back Blues’ was written the morning after the first day and night of no texts from her. Checking my phone constantly, not taking my own advice, all that… It was essentially written from start to finish before I went to work that morning.”

What is your writing process?

I know a lot of people begin with the music – 99% of the time the melody should lead the song, but I tend to get the lyrics down first and go from there. I wrote poetry before I could play an instrument so it began with me putting basic chords to the poems I had. Nothing’s changed really, I’ll write a story, a character, or a situation, get the feel for the song and add simple chords and embellish them a bit. It seems to have worked so far, anyway.

What inspires you the most?

I’m not sure really. I watched the film ‘Nowhere Boy’ when it first came out, there’s a line where Paul tells John that if he puts music to his poems, he’s got a song. Being from Port Talbot there are colourful characters and stories everywhere, so I guess it’s the people I see most days who inspire me or at least inspire some sort of creativity in me to write about their story, or even give them one.”

What is the best attribute of ’Text Back Blues’?

I think the best attribute of ‘Text Back Blues’ is probably the contradiction between the lyrics and the music. The lyrics are obviously about the turmoil, confusion, and angst I was going through, but the music is ridiculously catchy, upbeat, and full of hooks. I love the song.”

What are your future plans for this year and beyond?

My plans are to push the music as much as I can. I’ve spent the last few years pushing bands and artists, and I’ve loved it, but now I want to take what I’ve learned and see where it takes my own songs. I’m hugely optimistic but not at all naive, so if nothing else comes of it, I’ll be booking a few shows and making the most of it while it lasts.



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  1. Omgosh, jackson lucitt I’m so so proud of you and proud the you’re my oldest son, good luck son, love you xx

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