Noisy six-piece Jools chat with us.

Noisy boys Jools took inspiration of their name from Jools Holland and whilst the unique six-piece create boisterous tunes and shout out about socialism, their talent is unmatched. Influences such as Shame are prominent within their music; their political post-punk style is gut-busting and insanely wonderful at the same time. 

We asked the band a few questions:


What influenced you to write the lyrics for the new single [How Can Some Experience What Pride Is Without Liberation for All?] 

When taking the single to the studio, the lyrics to the second verse were completely different. Barbarically, the week before we arrived, George Floyd was murdered by Derek Chauvin. I felt numb and felt that the only way I could express myself was through disgust. My vocal take is always scheduled for the last day of recording, meaning I spent 5 days, stirring over the incident that happened in Minneapolis. At the time, I uninstalled social media, it was exhausting having a timeline bombarded with that “all lives matter” bollocks. For the current generation, social media is a tool for self-expression, which I think has its positives, but with that comes the inevitability of disagreement – and when disagreement is fuelled by a conflict of morales, social media can become toxic, very fast. I chose to express my thoughts on George Floyd’s murder through poetry, it allowed me to collect my thoughts, and because the poem was personal at the time, it remained unchallenged. I fell in love with it very quickly and came to the conclusion that it needed to be shared and heard. I wasn’t afraid of it being challenged, because it’s what I believed in – and I hoped that section of the song would personify the beliefs of many others too.


Who are you listening to, whilst surviving through this mess of a year?

I’ve discovered so many artists throughout this year. On days where I’ve felt hopeless, stumbling across new music has made a bad day better. I’m a big fan of Bob Vylan, and I’m currently really enjoying Viagra Boys’ latest release. My artist of the year would have to be Anderson Paak – especially after watching his most recent live lounge session, incredible talent. Finally, I can’t not mention our good friends in Mouth Culture. Collectively we’ve listened to them on repeat throughout the year. They have a new single out on Friday (October 23rd) which we’re really excited for.


If you could, what would you change about the industry?

This is a difficult question. We’re newcomers to the industry, and I feel I’ve only experienced a small portion of it so far – particularly due to the pause in the live sector of the industry. If I could change anything, I would’ve funded the countless venues that have sadly gone under this year. Some things are easier said than done, this isn’t one of those things – they could’ve been saved, but a conservative government would never, obviously. Fucking useless bunch of halfwits.


What do you want people to take away from your music? 

Anything and everything. Our music is inclusive and definitely open to interpretation. People can take whatever they like from it, even if they listen once and come to the conclusion that it’s not for them. As long as it gets people thinking, that’s enough for me. 


And of course, what do you hope to be doing next year?

This year has made us realise how much we need live music – we just want to play again, to people. It’d be nice to tour alongside artists we really admire, Bob Vylan, Sorry, IDLES, etc. We hope a level of normality will return next year, we will see. Fingers crossed! 

Jack McGill
Deputy Editor



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