Introducing: Luca Wilding

Introducing Luca Wilding

London artist Luca Wilding writes in the most intricate of ways and sings with the most serene vocals – he creates music that is simply stunning. If you were to add his discography to your Sunday morning playlist, there’s no judgement here. We spoke with him about his progression from his debut single ‘Wales’ and his motivation to write. 

‘Johanna’ was released a few months ago? What inspired you when writing this song? 

‘Johanna’ was written about a friend of mine that I didn’t tell the truth to. It’s a song that is very dear to me and writing it taught me a lot. I thought I was doing the right thing at the time and I guess I still do. But by not telling the truth I maybe missed something quite extraordinary and lost the thing I was trying to protect.

What motivates you to write? 

I see most of my songs as letters. To people, to ideas, to places or times. I try to tell simple stories that have a universal property. I remember as a teenage boy, hearing Leonard Cohen and just feeling so close to him like there was someone out there who had been through similar things to those that I was going through. I remember thinking at the time, that’s what I want, more than anything in the world; for someone, somewhere to hear my songs and feel connected to me, through the years and over great distances. I write so that those listening might see that they are not alone.

How have you progressed since your 2017 release ‘Wales’? 

Since ‘Wales’, I’ve learned a great deal. I’ve spent a long time in the studio and I’m now beginning to understand production techniques, the way I write has changed too, with the help of my friend and producer David Granshaw, I’ve begun to write in a much more symbolic and sparse way, which I think is much more interesting.

Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with? 

I think despite the fact that one of my heroes, Bob Dylan is still making unbelievable music, I would have to say Adrienne Lenker of Big Thief. I feel that I could learn so much from her, I hear in her work everything that I’m striving for in mine.

What are your future plans? 

My future plans are simply to continue writing, to keep learning from the poets and greats, and to keep making the music I love.

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