Make way for the psychedelic wonders going by the name of moa moa.

Forming bonds through adolescence through to university, the five members of South London’s moa moa shape their very own hypnotic soundscapes that display both their alluring songwriting cutting edge producing abilities.

Having only unleashed two releases in 2020, both ‘Yellow Jacket’ and ‘Spinning’ have gotten people talking, and rightly so.

As we dive into the new year we talk musical influences and future ambitions with the group:

moa moa is a band from South London consisting of James, Connor, Dan, Matt & Sophie – how did you all meet each other?

We all met at various stages of growing up/uni/work in the case of Sophie and Dan… me (Matt), James and Dan all actually played a 14+ gig in St Albans without knowing one another and James went on to produce lots of our own projects, so we’ve always been roughly in the same circles. 

Your creations edge more towards the psychedelic side of music – who are some of your musical influences?

It changes a lot, so influences are a hard one to pin down! James was listening to a lot of L.A. Priest‘s album when finishing up/mixing ‘Spinning’, so I’m sure that’s seeped in at points. We’re trying as best we can to not pin our colours too firmly to any particular mast, but I’ve been loving the Moses Sumney record recently, as well as Billy Nomates/Sleaford Mods after a streamed show I saw at the 100 Club. Sophie’s been digging Nubya Garcia‘s work over lockdown, and then there are the moa staples of people like Blake and Radiohead.

Talk to us about your latest single ’Spinning’ – how did this tingly number come about?

‘Spinning’ has been in the works for ages… It actually had a complete re-write over lockdown. It started a while back with an idea James was working on with a very talented friend Sophie (different to our Soph) that got put to one side. It’s been in the moa set from day-dot, though. What you hear on Spinning is a lot of lockdown sweat and toil nurtured in James’ weird studio-come-shed!

In regards to your songwriting – what topics do you love to write about, and are excited to write about in the future?

Whatever James is feeling inspired about is at the centre of moa’s music. For example, ‘Yellow Jacket’ is a narrative around two people in a fractious relationship, whilst ‘Spinning’ is more an eccentric examination of mental health and self-love. Two very different topics but still the beautiful, weird expressions of our central leader and lover, James. 

You’ve currently only released two singles – what’s in the pipework for moa moa in the new year?

We actually went into the studio pre-Christmas to record a few things, and we’ve got a load planned for releases next year. We’ve also been totally deprived of being able to play live shows, like everyone, so that’s top of the priorities list. We’ve got a load of exciting things planned… fingers crossed Covid fucks off so we can actually start doing some fun stuff!


Jordan White
Assistant Editor

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