Introducing: Only Sun

Only Sun’s new single ‘Bad Decisions’ drops today and they give us a taste of what they’ve been doing for the first time this year!

‘Bad Decisions’ revolves around that all too familiar feeling of waking up the morning after a heavy night out. I know I can relate to the tune, maybe a little too much? Never the less, they combine their nostalgic lyrics fit perfectly with electric riffs and killer drums, it’s an instant indie anthem. It’s a fun track to listen to, it’s almost guaranteed to remind you of a good night and a not so good morning after. Which honestly I can’t help but smile at.


We spoke to Only Sun about ‘Bad Decisions’… 

How did Only Sun form?

We all met at school but it wasn’t until after university that we came together to form Only Sun. We had played in various bands together whilst studying for our A-levels with very little success. Once we were all back in our hometown we got back to making music and it’s led us all the way to this point.

Who are your biggest influences?

We have such a wide array of music that we all individually listen to but the bands that we look up to in our genre are bands like The Maccabees, Bombay Bicycle Club and Everything Everything. Those are the bands that best embody the places that we draw influence from.

On ‘Bad Decisions’, we were particularly looking at The Strokes and garage indie rock bands for the instrumental feel of the track but with Everything Everything-esque falsetto vocals.

How would you define your sound?

Happy Indie Pop with a dark twist. We’ve never taken ourselves too seriously as a band so it’s always been important to put a bit of fun into each track, but we also put all of our worries and stresses into the tracks as well. It just becomes this weird and wonderful mess.

Tell me about ‘Bad Decisions’

Bad Decisions is about the anxiety you get when you’ve had a big one the night before and can’t quite remember what occurred. It’s about making perpetual mistakes, in the same place, with the same people. The next day you experience the same anxiety, the same self-punishment for a long week after; but the very next weekend you go and make the very same mistakes

What’s next for Only Sun?

With everything that’s going on in the world regarding Covid-19, we’ve had to put our plans on hold for a little while. We’ve been spending the time writing and recording a wealth of new material so we’ll have a lot of tracks to release over the coming months. We’re hoping to get back to playing live as soon as possible as well so we’re just putting plans in place to get back to that. There’s nothing much to announce just yet, but that’s all coming very soon. 

Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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