Introducing experimental artist Eden Dawn. 

Hailing from Plymouth, solo artist Eden Dawn thrives off of experimenting and creating cool, electronic sounds. With her interest in music flooding her childhood, she now enjoys mastering her own music and songwriting. She does everything herself. Through the tedious time of the Coronavirus lockdown, Eden managed to release her debut EP ‘Invisible Work’ in July in which she was able to show off her many talents. This electronic-pop princess is oozing with charisma and soft, serene vocals.

Who are your biggest influences musically? 

I have a lot of influences when it comes to music, even some music from The Sims 4 influences me. But to pick a few I would have to pick Björk, Leah Dou, Damon Albarn, and Kate Bush.

How would you describe yourself as an artist? 

I would label myself as experimental pop, as I’m not too sure what my genre actually is, however, Dream Pop seems to fit the best. I’m a big fan of strings and I try to use them in every song!

 Tell us about your EP ‘Invisible Work’, and the creative process behind it…

The EP really came from a need to create, my new year’s resolution was to release a song by the end of the year, and I worked alongside a friend for the first few months. After we went into lockdown, I realised how badly I wanted to create music, so set out to create the EP alone. Most of ‘Invisible Work’ was a chance for me to experiment and play around, the thing I was most anxious about was writing lyrics, as I’m not the most open person. The first song ‘Inertia’, was the first time I had written lyrics for a song, and they’re all about how nervous I was to sit down and write! ‘Come Undone’ was the single from the EP, even though most people around me said ‘Inertia’ should be the single, I was adamant! This was the first time I had been open in my lyrics, which was very scary, they describe the whole situation well so I won’t go into too much detail, these lyrics paired with the fun upbeat, 80’s style music is what made me enjoy writing.

Tell us about ‘Infatuation’…

‘Infatuation’ is definitely me being a lot more open in my writing, which is funny seeing as I said how I’m not very open! It’s about a friendship I had, she was in an on-off relationship, there was an upsetting situation, which I won’t go into, but she got back with him and moved away with him regardless. It all happened very suddenly and we left on good terms but I was almost a bit angry at myself that I didn’t say anything, but when you’re young you don’t, you tend to let things happen even when they’re wrong.

The lyric “I’m not gonna live my life waiting for something that may not exist” is just about my outlook on life in general, there’s always outside influences and things go wrong, and so I’m just going to live my life and if things happen they happen.

I’ve found, however scary it is, writing about life experiences has been a really positive thing, there are all of these situations that linger, and by putting them into music is like capturing them and letting them go. Now, every time I listen to the songs I’ve written about past experiences it makes me happy that I was able to turn it into something enjoyable, and hopefully others who may have gone through something similar can feel the same way!

Lastly, what are your future goals and plans as an artist? 

My main goal is to keep creating music, I’m currently working on the finishing touches for my next EP, which I am hoping to release in the next few months. I also hope to begin performing and playing gigs when I am able to!

You can stream her new single ‘Infatuation’ here:

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