Introducing: The Receivers

Currently storming Yorkshire’s music scene with their infused 90s fuzzed up indie rock, The Receivers have now dropped their latest single ‘Only Human’.


Based on lead singer Nick Aldous wanting to be the best version of himself and finding new confidence; The Receivers have created an anthemic song that is filled with melancholic vocals and indie-punk riffs.

With The Receivers establishing themselves as one of the most exciting indie-rock outfits, we were lucky enough to find out more about their journey. 


How excited are you for ‘Only Human’ to be out for everyone to hear and the creative process behind it?

Very excited! We’ve been sat on it since October 2019 so it’s great to finally get it out there. This one was a demo we had for a few weeks, but we weren’t sure what to do with it. When we chose to record it, Alex (lead guitarist) and I were unsure how it would come out but I’m glad we took the risk, we think it’s our strongest single yet.


Who are your biggest influences?

As a band, we’re all influenced by different things, but personally, my influences recently would be The Cribs, The Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Elastica, and Fontaines D.C. The new Fontaines album has made us think of where we can take our sound.


How would you describe yourself as a band?

I’d say we’re quite protective of our band, we put a lot of thought into our songs and always look for ways to improve ourselves. We’re determined too, got some big plans for 2021.


What has been your biggest achievement so far?

We sent a vinyl copy of our ‘There’s More to the World’ EP down to Chris Moyles at Radio X and they opened it up live on-air and even played a track! It says on their website that they don’t play unsigned bands through the daytime but they played us, so I think that’s kinda cool. Ross Jarman of The Cribs (who are my favourite band) has also seen us live so that’s nice too.


What is the top spot on your bucket list?

Hmmm, as-well-as the obvious things like Glastonbury & a big U.S. Tour, I’d love to just support some of my favourite artists. The Cribs particularly, now they’ve announced their return!

Ross Mondon

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