INTRODUCING: The Superlatives

Bringing brit-pop back into fashion and thriving again, Leeds three-piece, The Superlatives have been around for a while. With their debut album ‘What Will You Do With Me’ getting lost in the ever-growing pile of new releases and more and more bands experimenting and making music; in 2017 after their debut, they decided to take a break for three years to come back much stronger this year.

‘Sonder’ their most recent single is a perfect and classic sounding indie tune in which they’ve storming back into the music industry, bringing them new listeners and fans. The muffled vocals and flicks of the guitars from frontman Charlie Noble, to the stomping grooves, that drummer Jamie Godley produces that clicks with Tom Guasden’s bass guitar, it intertwines perfectly creating the perfect tune for some 90’s lovers. 

We spoke to frontman Charlie: 

Your debut album was released in 2017, what was so significant about that specific release?

“It’s the first time our songs had been all together in the same place. A lot of songs on our Spotify were recorded a fair few years back. If you were to listen to them in chronological order you’d see a real progression there, not just in the strength of our songwriting ability but also in the quality of the recordings. This is down to us getting used to the studio environment as for us as a band rocking up on a stage and playing everything at 11 was always our natural habitat.”

You seem to have come back stronger with your latest track ‘Sonder’, how have you guys improved since then, and what’s changed?

“You get better with practice, simple as that. We are used to each other as musicians, we have been in the band long enough that we could jam out shite together for an hour blindfolded. What changed now is we have more of a thought process into what we are doing and the sounds we are making. We aren’t afraid to call each other out or speak up if somethings not right or simply just sounds shit. That’s not to say any of us are scared of putting our own ideas in, we are comfortable enough to fail in front of one another and have been friends long enough to royally take the piss out of each other when it happens!”

What’s the inspiration behind ‘Sonder’?

“I don’t remember a great deal about writing it. When I listen to it I do get the feel of it being a promise to someone, a pledge that you’ll change your ways so they won’t leave you behind. I remember I couldn’t name it after I’d written the lyrics, Tom (bass player) named it in the end for me the little diamond! The dictionary definition of the word just seemed to ring true for the song itself. Go look it up!”

What’s the best thing about being in a band?

“Now obviously this is only from my point of view and not the other two’s but it has to be gigging for me. I like being in a studio when I get into it but traveling around in a shitty van with my two best mates and playing shows (every now and again free booze!) what’s not to love?”

What are your next steps as a band?

“We have new tunes to record which we are eager to get done so we have something new to arrive with when everyone’s allowed out to play again. We are also hoping to release our first vinyl next year. After that simple…. Tom wants world domination! Me and Jamie will have no choice but to follow in the shadow of his amazing hair doo.”



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