Is indie the genre of regression?

As a musician and music fan, I have always been excited by the prospect of new music. Whether that’s a freshly released single from a small unknown band or a song from fifty years ago being sent to me that I’ve not heard before. The idea of getting something new into my ears has always been exciting. Sadly, this feeling is dwindling.

Now, don’t get me wrong there are plenty of amazing new songs out there being created and released this very moment and there always will be. The problem, however, is sorting through the drivel to find it. As a genre indie and guitar music is going through a similar period to the early to mid 2000s where every week there seemed to be a new indie king or queen. The difference this time around is that indie isn’t top of the charts, in fact, it very rarely makes an impact on the charts at all. My point is that we, the consumer, seem to be being bombarded from all angles with guitar based music which is often mediocre at best with the expectation that we should be lapping it up as if someone has squeezed it out of Liam Gallagher’s sweat soaked parka.

Gallagher and Oasis aren’t the people to blame for this of course, although they have inspired many of these acts. Inspiration also seems to have come from The Kooks, The Wombats and Catfish & The Bottlemen, let’s be honest if you manage to find any inspiration from that list of beige then I commend you. These bands are the kind that can now sell out huge arena tours despite the fact if they had arrived five to ten years earlier they would have been perfect to be called ‘landfill indie’.

With music being easier than ever to learn and create at home than ever and universities having increasingly improving recording facilities we were always likely to see more boring music being created. Unfortunately for Birmingham band Rookie, they fit right into this model.

Rookie recently released their debut single ‘Once’ after posting a few demos to their YouTube channel and all credit to them the song is well recorded, the sound quality is great and it fits right into that The Kooks/The Wombats genre. The music video looks professional and well produced, that is until you realise the lip-syncing is out of time as is the mimed guitar playing.


Unfortunately for Rookie, they came across my radar at a time when I’ve been thinking about this a lot, I could have easily picked hundreds of other bands. I also want to make it clear that I am all for people trying to follow their dreams of entering the music industry, I just want to see progression and not regression. I want something exciting, not something I’ve heard countless times before.

That excitement is out there in its droves. Acts like Blackwaters, Calva Louise and Black Midi are, to name a few, young and full of passion and trying out new things. Let’s start championing new bands with something to say, with raucous and exciting live shows and with an obvious drive for creativity and originality. Support new music yes, but lets really get behind music that might push the boundaries a little.

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