It’s time to celebrate female artists, and their success. Part 1.

It’s easier for males in the music industry; easier for them to gain a following and to have sold out shows. They don’t have think about their image and they don’t get attacked for the clothes they wear or how much skin they want to show. Fact. This isn’t a post to bash male artists, this is just a small reminder, that female artists exist and that they are fucking talented. I came across a couple of female artists on The Great Escape website and through naturally being open minded, I listened and through just exploring the internet, I came across some wonderful female artists who, honestly, I can’t get enough of.

Right now, Eves Karydas is at the top of my list. Just recently supporting pop princess Dua Lipa in Australia, her next stop is The Great Escape festival. The Australian beauty recently ditched her alias “Eves the Behaviour”, which is a progression from old to new. But, it’s evident in her most recent single, “Further Than the Planes Fly” that she has reached the level of maturity that she was destined for. Her pop/electronic beats are powerful, laced with vulnerable lyrics about friendships and searching for love.

Secondly, and again, another artist that The Great Escape festival has played a huge part in helping me discover; Alice Ivy. Her beautiful aesthetics caught my eye at first. Pink, pink and more pink. It’s simple and beautiful, just like her music. She captivates utopia, in a spell bounding mixture of relaxation and small hip-hop beats.  Her slow, gentle rhythms capture her vast imagination. No matter what mood you’re in, she’s an artist who can brighten up your day, a little bit or more.

It seems like the rise of the Aussies have dominated this post, it’s true because there’s more to come. Tia Gostelow, another women who thrives off her own vocals, powerful melodies and soothing music.

Her most recent EP, ‘Status Anxiety’ experiments with heartfelt lyrics; hints of folk and extracts of indie rock which are all transformed into smooth beats.

The final Aussie power girl that I want to introduce to you (it’s not the end of the post, though) is Mallrat, also known as Grace Shaw. Her growing fanbase has proved her success. In Australia mainly, but across the pond here in UK – she’s not the most well known artist but with small shows to be played in the capital, her electronic bops are bound to be sung – thanks to her catchy lyrics.

“Hey, this party might be cool!”.

Collaborating with artists such as Allday, she broadens her horizons and experiments with r&b as well as electronic.

I’ve babbled on about artists who I have discovered, and they are perfect examples of raw and perfect talent who haven’t been honoured with the publicity that they deserve. But, the whole point to this post was to prove my point that female artists are needed in the industry and they need to be treated with respect due to the lack of it they get. Women all around the world make music, varieties differ, genres differ and the way music is produced can differ too, and a change needs to be made. It all ties in with the lack of women on festival line-ups in the UK and a lot of European ones as well. There isn’t enough variety showcased and female artists need to be celebrated, for their beauty, talent and experimentation. The list could go on with female artists who I love and will carry on loving, maybe you should go and explore too.

















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