Jack Frohlich – ‘Superhero’

Brimming with playful lyrics and jazz infusions, Jack Frohlich offers up a plate full of gorgeous, jangly sounds in his new single ‘Superhero’ 

After the summer we’ve just had, one of self-isolation, quarantine and a distinct lack of live music, one thing we’re all craving is the drunken, muddy joy of being at a music festival. There are some songs that take us all back to that feeling of standing in the sun with our best mates, beer in hand, listening to some amazing music. ‘Superhero’ by Birmingham’s newcomer Jack Frohlich will give you that sense of sweet nostalgia. 

The bright and playful guitars are brilliantly played which gives the song energy and vibrance. Jack uses his love of jazz and jazz theory to create guitar licks that sound complex and unique, whilst also being accessible and infusing elements of pop at the same time, the bass and drums work so well to elevate the sound and complement the guitar work brilliantly.

The lyrics reflect the struggles of growing up finding that adult life is a far cry from what you expect when you’re a teenager, Jack sings: “and I’m not sure how to live life to its fullest, when will I know?” – realising that you may not know as much as you thought you did when you were younger can be a tough thing to come to terms with and this song reflects that feeling perfectly, in the most positive and fun way possible. 

Jack is also playing a socially distanced headline show at Colours Hoxton in London on December 20th.



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