Jackson Lucitt – ‘Text Back Blues’

Ever been waiting for a text back from someone you like? Jackson Lucitt knows how you feel…

Everyone on this planet has been in a situation where they’re waiting for a text back from the person they like, it’s frustrating and drives us all crazy – Port Talbot-based musician Jackson Lucitt knows the feeling all too well. Intertwining folk music with upbeat, classic indie sounds, Lucitt’s energy is second to none in his brand new single ‘Text Back Blues’.

Ultimately Jake Bugg’s musical doppelganger, Jackson has mastered the art of songwriting whilst making it fun, engaging, and creating tracks that make you bubble with happiness inside – it’s a lyrical gem and one for the drunken karaoke! 

Writing about his personal experiences, the musician puts pen to paper and gets down and honest with how he felt in the past and when it came to women because yes, men pine for a response too. When recently asking him about the track’s back story he said, “I was seeing this girl, thought it was going really well, and all of a sudden the conversation dies. She’d gone from texting me all day, every day, to nothing at all. ‘Text Back Blues’ was written the morning after the first day and night of no texts from her. Checking my phone constantly, not taking my own advice, all that… It was essentially written from start to finish before I went to work that morning.



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  1. I cannot thank you enough for the kind words, but also for all the support and advice you’ve given me! You’re an absolute diamond, G!

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