jak lvr – ‘Still’

A dose of indie-pop goodness, jak lvr releases his debut single ‘Still’ 

Formerly the frontman of North East outfit Llovers, ‘Still’ reflects the newcomers solo career as he demonstrates his own, individual talent by presenting a dose of indie-pop goodness to the world. Approaching his newfound career and confidence, jak lvr soars with his high energy bop and, strong vocals which wrap around the masterpiece that is ‘Still’. 

The indie mastermind explains his debut: “‘Still’ explores themes of self-doubt. How I often feel like I’m not the only one that suffers due to my inner struggles, other people tend to take collateral damage as a consequence. While continually trying to acknowledge that I’m still learning and even though it’s hard, it’s a process of life.

Musically this is supposed to sound larger than anything I’ve ever written before. It’s a personal song but it’s a broad message, self-doubt, and self-loathing touches, everyone, whether it’s directly happening to you or you’re affected by someone going through it. It kind of makes you want to just shout. And that’s what this is.” 

jak is one to watch this year, he’s about to master his sound and batter down the hatches – he’s coming. 

Image credit: Milly Hutchcraft


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