JAWNY – ‘Sabotage’

Solo artist JAWNY releases new single ‘Sabotage’ and it’s arena-worthy!

While some might be a tad surprised with this new release from Los Angeles based solo artist Jawny, they sure shouldn’t be surprised by his talent. He can write a killer tune. His newest track ‘Sabotage’ is near enough full-blown Beck. Heck, even the hair on the lad gives me those nostalgic 90’s pangs.

It’s a shame in some ways as Jawny delivers an infectious, arena-worthy belter with its the killer riff, “Nah, Nah Nah!” Imagine it being yelled out in unison by a blissed-out crowd, awesome right? 

Alas, right now, it’s all we can do, is imagine but that should not stop us, no. This self-loathing loser anthem will have us racing to the makeshift dancefloors in our kitchens, bathrooms, and gardens. Until a time when we can once again rub our sweaty shoulders together and pump our collective fists.

It’s tricky to know if the success of ‘Honeypie’, his most successful song to date, had any bearing on his future output. He describes his processes as  “very scatterbrained and manic and all-over-the-place” A skim through his back catalogue does reveal this. Take his debut release as ‘Johnny Utah’, (please do give it a listen, it’s fab) which sees him perched somewhere between a less narcissistic Ariel Pink and Elliot Smith, but as your mate.

Compare that with his next string of releases which favour an evolving lo-fi funk-pop sound over the guitar-driven bedroom indie vibes of the first EP. You get the impression that he’s taking the path of whatever crazy dreams visit him during the night. And at twenty-two years old, who can blame him? Now is the time for such creativity and exploration. Why create what you’ve already created? where’s the fun in that?

Let the boy rock out a little, let him do what he wants because it’s us, the listeners who will reap the benefits. It seems impossible to second guess what’s coming next with the lad but that my friends, is a fine, fine thing in Jawny’s case.




Stuart Parker

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