Jessica Luise – ‘Nice Try’

Jessica Luise unleashes pensive catharsis on her third single to date, ‘Nice Try’.

The north-west-based songstress dropped her latest effort, to the glee of her thirsty fans, and her intoxicating talent continues to enchant. ‘Nice Try’ is fuelled by airy guitar melodies and a singular vocal range that has become this northern girl’s signature. The lyrics were penned following a personal experience that will be familiar to most; falling for someone that you know will hurt you, and the raw emotion is almost tangible.

Lyrics such as “why should I trust you? When I know that you lie?” are a home truth that most of us have dealt with, and probably ignored. “You make me weak at the knees” roars Jessica referring to the moment that we all long for, but a moment that makes the eventual bitterness more painful.

‘Nice Try’ is the sonic closure that this artist needed and moving forward it will likely console her followers as they too experience their own heartbreak.


Alister Ross

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