Josh McClorey – ‘Crazy’

Paul Weller collaborator Josh McClorey’s second solo single ‘Crazy’ will leave you heavy-hearted and teary-eyed.

‘Crazy’ is indeed the second single that Josh has released solo, but it’s actually the first that he put to paper. This is a tune that is in my opinion, emotionally dense; it holds a great amount of weight. What a wonderful form of therapy this must have been to write and release and a great example of sharing an anxiety like this and letting it out into the wild. Music, the great unification.

Josh’s mixed sound of gloomy dream-pop only emphasises the internal meaning of the tune. Honestly, listening to this tune was also the first time I’d heard of Josh but it’s safe to say I’m without a doubt hooked. To say I appreciate this realism aspect of his songwriting would be an understatement, I live for it. His music seems like a true cathartic escape for him and there needs to be more of it in music that gets released. I’m a sucker for artists removing the mask that so many of them put on.

The thing with ‘Crazy’ is that it feels so at home the second you listen to it. Combing different elements to create this realistic pop vibe and add his raw vocals on top and you’ve got this glorious tune that you’ll carry with you for life.


Jack McGill
Deputy Editor


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