Juanita Stein – ‘The Mavericks

Walking the tightrope between graceful beauty and ominosity, Juanita Stein balances exceptionally on new single ‘The Mavericks’.

You can hear the flittering background noise before the track begins, already alluding to its tense, outstretched nature. In this, you feel a presence; like being aware someone is standing still in the dark but you aren’t able to see them.

A modest electric guitar is picked as spacey vocals introduce the tune. Brooding drums wade through the track, occasionally poking through all the layers of sound before returning to the background.

The immensity Stein creates through the jagged, grainy synths alongside sparkling string arrangements is incredibly unique. Already showing the diversity between tracks, singles Snapshot and The Mavericks diverge greatly. With Snapshot, we are guided through Stein’s world of unease, able to cling on to her vocals for the majority of the song. However, The Mavericks feels like being lost with no guide in this wonky setting.

One commonality between the songs are Stein’s expertly avant-garde production. The rules truly feel remoulded in this ambitious display of creativity.

Released alongside a scenic video showing Stein roaming around the countryside: with faces blurred and colours heightened like you’re falling into a bad acid trip.  

As the song draws to a close, the lyrics “not everything’s meant to be a straight line” bounce between the walls in my head: falsely prophetic? It seems to transcend above logical thinking. A lyric stuck in my teeth, one I’m not sure I’ll be able to wriggle free.


Jack Pritchard

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