Julia-Sophie – ‘and you know it’

Julia-Sophie presents mystical sounding reverbs in her new track ‘and you know it’ 

The most refreshing part of ‘and you know it’, the new single taken from Julia-Sophie’s upcoming EP ‘</3’, is the bracing attitude the track encompasses to not confine itself to one particular style. Previously, Julia-Sophie has basked in predominantly moody electronica and untamed composition; often starting with a droning riff or beat and building a complex soundscape on top. ‘and you know it’ is no different in its wild and fascinating nature.

Whilst the song does incorporate a great many factors of mid-nineties trip-hop and a glorious smattering of experimental breakbeat, its 4:56 runtime awards it space to grow and take risks; shedding a uniformity that would occasionally plague a track such as this.

Downcast synths and hefty rhythmic patterns aside, Julia-Sophie’s soaring vocals reach lofty heights, and with a suitable amount of mystical sounding reverb, they lead the listener on a journey through an outlandish terrain of introspective and sentimental lyrical pitter-patter. Think Massive Attack, but a lot more buoyant.

Julia-Sophie certainly has an assortment of intriguing electronic ideas up her sleeve. ‘and you know it’ demonstrates the distinct voicing she is capable of within her songwriting and predicts an exciting future for a wholly unpredictable artist.


Harrison Smith

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