JW Ridley reveals eerie visuals for his single ‘Homesick (Out The Blue)’

This latest track by JW Ridley proves that he is definitely one to watch. The track’s haunting instrumentals bounce around creating a strangely upbeat sound, this sound clashes perfectly with Ridley’s melancholy vocal performance and heartbreaking lyrics. The best thing about this song for me is the way it builds, starting with a calm sounding guitar riff it explodes into a cathartic and emotional ending. One that could challenge even the likes of Thom Yorke. Ridley’s vocal performance is great on this track, he puts so much heart into his vocals and it has really paid off in this track, especially towards the end of the song when the desperation and heartache in his voice is really prevalent as it builds up alongside the instrumentals, making the lyrics hit even harder.

“I want you to see me” He cries out at the end of the song.

The video for this song, released a few days ago really fit the song perfectly, providing a somewhat eerie backdrop for the music. One that exudes the feeling of being lost with where you are in life. The animation by Dan Jacobs is expertly done, adding another layer to this already brilliant song.


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