Kate Nash blew away The Boileroom – 9/6/19

Sunday nights, normally a relaxed time spent sitting in front of the TV dreading the imminent working week. This Sunday, however, I had the chance to spend mine a bit differently, which was seeing one of Britain’s most iconic indie artists in a small pub in Guildford.

The Boileroom is one of the most unique music venues in the whole of the UK. The 250 capacity pub is plastered from floor to ceiling in old gig posters and fairy lights. The stage is slap bang in the middle of the venue, rather than at the end. This does mean that getting to gigs late is risky as you may be left standing by the bar with no chance of seeing the stage. However, if you get to the venue early and secure a good spot, The Boileroom holds some of the most exciting and intimate gigs with some of the best small bands on the planet. Just over the past year or two I’ve had the chance to see bands such as Blossoms and We Are Scientists in the quirky venue.

This Sunday Kate Nash returned this amazing venue for the second time. I have to admit, I didn’t have the highest of expectations when I went in, I knew I’d enjoy her more famous tracks, like ‘Foundations’ and ‘Dickhead’, but I didn’t think I’d enjoy her deeper cuts as much. I couldn’t have been more wrong. As soon as she took the stage her electric stage presence blew me away. She owned the stage, and she looked as though she was loving every second, which makes the show so much more fun for the audience.

Thankfully, her energy was matched by their sound, Kate’s voice is incredible, even while jumping around the stage whipping her hair back and forth. Her band killed it as well, especially the lead guitarist who floored the crowd with a screaming guitar solo towards the back end of the set. Of course, ‘Foundations’ and ‘Dickhead’ were both incredible live, hearing 250 people screaming “Why you being a dickhead for, stop being a dickhead” is one of the most memorable sing-alongs I’ve been a part of. The final song of the set, ‘Underestimate the Girl’, was brilliant. Kate climbed over the barrier with her bass and played most of the song in the crowd, before crowd surfing and leaving the crowd blown away by her performance.

If you ever get the opportunity to see Kate live then you should 100% go for it. She is one of the best performers I have ever seen live and her energy and love for playing live deserve to be seen by many, many more people.

Words and Photos by Alex Thomson 

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