KC – ‘Talk Too Much’

Kate Craig takes us back to the ‘70s on a sparkling sonic transit with her new single, ‘Talk Too Much’.

It’s easy to forget that this is an artist in her infancy, as the compositional ingenuity is reflective of someone more seasoned in their profession. Distinctive, high-powered vocals frolic with sprightly melodies with a peppering of frisky guitar licks.

Belting out lines such as “have you ever thought that you’re not what I really want?” and “all I want is to get out of here“, the artist gives us something to chew as we reflect on the all too familiar feeling of being trapped in the vines of a loveless relationship.

This timely offering from the Northern lass is welcomed with open arms at a time of despair, because who doesn’t love a good bop to bounce around the living room to.


Alister Ross

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