LANI – ‘Drank That Night’

‘Drank That Night’ the second single from LANI embraces all things charming compositionally about noughties pop.

With songwriting elements similar to that of Nelly Furtado and the delicate but lavish bedroom-pop vocal performance of early Lauren Aquilina, LANI is confident in her style, and ‘Drank That Night’ an upbeat yet heartbreaking lament, tackles the sensitive but brave subject of loss.

He was only comfortable living in messLANI muses, touching on the chaotic nature of someone dealing with inner struggles; manifesting them in a turbulent way of living. It’s a fearless look inwards at how someone deals with sorrow and acknowledges alcohol, “​something to take the edge off” as​ a coping method.

‘Drank That Night’ pays great attention to the distractions we look to when dealing with taxing emotions. Initial impressions definitely paint the track as an ideal car journey song. There are many singalongs to be had; a catchy and lengthy ‘ahh’ warbled just before a memorable-worm of a chorus and the sentimental mention of the brilliant yet truly underrated card game ‘Dobble’. LANI speaks wholeheartedly from a personal standpoint and in her honesty, a harrowing ordeal captured amongst a parade of optimistic melodies and considerate lyrics.


Harrison Smith

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