Delivering a bittersweet reflection on the turbulent events of the past year, LARRY PINK THE HUMAN are back and raring to go with their first single of 2021. ‘ELEVEN11_GTR_SONG’ is a thumping slice of power-pop, holding optimism in its upbeat nature and delivering a simple yet effective message within its chorus: the fundamental idea that “everybody needs someone”.

An indie-rock style guitar riff is the backbone of the song’s instrumental, with an electric drumbeat driving us into each chorus, all produced tastefully so as to remain in the realms of indie-pop without becoming unnecessarily overpowering. The music video shows the band performing ‘ELEVEN11_GTR_SONG’, a performance that comes from the heart and demonstrates an intense passion with which this song was intended to be delivered.

Despite the track’s buoyant first impression, when delving further into the spoken-word verses, there’s evidence of deeper battles being fought. Singer Laurie Vincent talks of the difficulties of “staying afloat”, and states his rather pessimistic belief that: “we’re all losing, some of us just don’t let it show”. The song’s role as a declaration of faith is not, however, diminished by these personal struggles, as ELEVEN11_GTR_SONG gets its title from a standout lyric, one tinged with hope: “I see 11:11, The angels are calling”.

LARRY PINK THE HUMAN, a duo composed of Mercury Prize-nominated guitarist Laurie Vincent and award-winning producer Jolyon Thomas, are incredibly passionate about the message of their latest single. “If the last year has shown us anything, it’s that we can live without many things, but to be away from our closest companions is the biggest challenge of all,” they said in a statement. “We wanted to write about the ones that are with us, and the ones that are not, and show how much we appreciate them.”

Throughout the difficulties of the past year, the duo has found solace in music, creating LARRY PINK THE HUMAN as an outlet for creativity of any kind. Both artists, andbeing extremely experienced in their respective fields, keenly accept the opportunity to switch up their roles and collaborate freely, without the limitations of being boxed into a certain genre. It’s interesting to see Laurie, best known for playing guitar in punk band Slaves, step up as a frontman for the first time and take the limelight. Likewise, Jolyon, who started as a producer for the likes of U2 and Royal Blood, has been able to graduate from the studio to the stage, delving into the world of performance.

Like everything LARRY PINK THE HUMAN has released thus far, ‘ELEVEN11_GTR_SONG’ sounds completely unique in the fact that it is devoid of any formulaic approach. The most lively track the duo have done yet in terms of sound, yet the most serious in terms of message, the duo have successfully demonstrated their versatility.

Still having only heard five tracks from LARRY PINK THE HUMAN, the project is very much in its infancy stage, being initiated less than a year ago. But if their latest release is anything to go by, the duo has a bright future ahead, one destined to be spent building an eclectic catalogue of songs with real purpose. For now, we’ll continue to sink our teeth into ‘ELEVEN11_GTR_SONG’ and let it serve as a reminder to keep our loved ones close.


Evie Barrett

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