LARRY PINK THE HUMAN – ‘Wasted Days (Inbetweens)’

Laurie Vincent also known as LARRY PINK THE HUMAN collaborates with IDLES frontman Joe Talbot.

LARRY PINK THE HUMAN was a project started by one-half of punk duo Slaves, that half being Laurie Vincent the guitarist. Originally planned to be used as something to do in the year off that Slaves had planned and to prove to himself that he could bring something completely different to the table without his bandmate Issac. Yet Vincent had some personal issues that coincided in that time.

Enter ‘Wasted Days (Inbetweens)’ which opens with curious synths and still vocals, soon to be backed by a child-like voice. An innocent undertone to the first track helps with understanding the track more, the track seems like an apology for Laurie being someone who is still learning. The song flips, bursting into an upbeat chorus while still holding meaningful weight to the lyrics. “You’re gonna miss them when they’re gone / The wasted days, the inbetweens / my favourite memories”. To be able to at your happiest with someone when doing truly nothing and still being engulfed by absolute joy are the most special memories.

Talbot speaks on the last verse with powerful words to say and his bellowing voice taking over with regretful thoughts. “Why oh why did our gaze slip by as we waded through our borrowed time / If I were to do again, I’d turn away from the sword and then fall for you as there were no end”.

The track is gut-wrenching and heartbreaking but manages to pluck at the heartstrings and radiate positive to truly cherish this moment for LARRY PINK THE HUMAN.


Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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