Lauren Aquilina – ‘Best Friend’

Enviably, Lauren Aquilina has had a productive lockdown. After spending the year in the unfamiliar Los Angeles, the British-born songstress returns with a fresh batch of new material that promises to reach new depths of artistic introspection.

Emerging from isolation she brings a brand new self-released single, titled ‘Best Friend’. Departing from the bold and brassy pop of her recent releases, the track conjures up a profound sense of intimacy through its stripped-back guitar twangs and echoing drums.

With the sincere wistful tone of a country track, Lauren laments the loss of a friendship, voicing the remorse she feels with the dramatic declaration that, “Nobody breaks my heart like my best friend”.

While the song can sting with the raw feeling of hurt, it demonstrates the new-found maturity of any 25-year-old. She sings, “Slammed the door without saying goodbye, I leave mine wide open, and just put my own problems aside”.

While many of us have spent lockdown self-examining ourselves and our relationships, Lauren set those feelings to music. ‘Best Friend’ demonstrates the profound sincerity of a songwriter reflecting on her millennial-life; admitting failure, owning up to mistakes, and opening herself up to remorsefulness.

Embarking on a new era, Lauren Aquilina seems more confident, vulnerable, and sincere than ever before.


Michael Anderson

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