Lemonade Shoelace – ‘Autopilot Paradise’

BIMM graduate Ruairí Richman’s ‘Autopilot Paradise’ exhibits all the high energy echoey sounds that will certainly make it a future FIFA soundtrack highlight.

Nestled amongst its vibrant beat and summery attributes, ‘Autopilot Paradise’ is full of sentiment and lyrically details a turbulent relationship on the brink of collapse.

Leading us on a stirring journey which deals with the heartache connected with dishonesty and emotional instability, County Down’s own Lemonade Shoelace speaks openly about the value of trust, being true to yourself and ultimately following your heart. He has said of the track, “The song is written from various perspectives, one being a third-person view of a relationship, tempting one of the lovers to be unfaithful.”

The title ‘Autopilot Paradise’ refers to the safe space or particular person where you truly find solace and are able to be your own person. Lemonade Shoelace encourages the listener to “not let fear, overthinking and paranoia hold you back from retreating to your ‘Autopilot Paradise’” and to be able to take a moment to evaluate what really matters.

It’s optimistic in its production, with an assortment of hefty percussion and a great deal of reverb draped onto the vocals to add an almost ethereal feel. ‘Autopilot Paradise’ demonstrates the sublime compositional knack that makes Lemonade Shoelace such an impressive artist. With an ability to really tap into the craving for peace and bliss that so many of us long for, ‘Autopilot Paradise’ defines the true meaning of sanctuary.

Harrison Smith

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