Little Suspicions – Limes

‘Limes’ is a modern-day romantic’s fantasy with a 60’s sound spin and a gleeful glow.

Quartet Little Suspicions offer a refreshing sound and a sweet taste of a lustful scenario ahead of what could be the return of normal life this summer.

Giving some insight on ‘Limes’ the band said: “‘Limes’ follows the thoughts of the narrator’s nervousness while falling in love. It describes his experience of becoming hopelessly distracted when he thinks of his crushes’ green eyes”.

This love ballad is spun sublimely and I can’t imagine there’s a better way to listen to ‘Limes’ than with someone you have even mistakenly believed to be the one for you; visions of flowy dresses, sunglasses and sweet walks in the park come to mind.

Laidback vocals lace the track and seduce you in further to its tender dreamscape, alongside elegant synths and the whimsical guitar of ‘Limes’, the lyrical “boy meets girl” masterclass creates a heartwarming nostalgia. Certainly, the track is comparable to something along the lines of The Last Shadow Puppets ‘Sweet Dreams, TN’ and still up against something as beloved as that, Little Suspicions conjured that well-known blissfulness.

Given it is such a mood lifter you shouldn’t pass on the chance to spin such a beautiful song, everyone loves a bit of lovey-dovey right?

Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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