LIVE REVIEW: THE 1975 @ O2 – 18/01/2019

As divisive as they are, there is no denying that The 1975 are one of the most prominent and self aware bands in the industry right now. Everything they do is meticulously thought out to make a statement and connect with their intensely passionate fanbase.

The band kicked off their first of two sold-out nights at the O2 with the fizzling melody of “Give Yourself A Try”, immersing the packed out arena in their bubbling musical frenzy. There were no signs of slowing as they continued onto the power-pop melody of “TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME” causing many to bounce along in glee, screeching to its’ sugar-sweet chorus. “Oh my God, what is this?” Matty exclaimed, the perfect response to the eruption of energy from fans.

Welcoming additions to the setlist from their second album “I Like It When You Sleep…”  the zingy bombastic “She’s American” and the irresistibly funky “Love Me” continued to build the snowballing euphoria. Whilst emo throwbacks “fallingforyou”, “You” and the iconic “Robbers” brought tears to many a fangirl’s eye.

Vibrant visuals and dynamic staging brought themes of the bands’ work to life, in a fantastically stunning way. Matty strolled along an on-stage treadmill during “Sincerity is Scary”, and at one point stepped into the screen becoming one with the band’s setup. “I Like America & America Likes Me” executed perfect use of flashing verses on screen engaging audience participation singing along, and “Love It If We Made It” produced a stunningly chaotic flurry of politicized scenes linking to topics discussed in its’ verses.

They filled the room with wondrous passion and charm, making for an all-around memorable and unique live experience. It felt like so much more than a straightforward live show, but more an artistic expansion upon what they stand for as artists. They certainly proved their worth as one of the most talked about bands today.

Words: Kieran Raza


Image Credits: Abbi Harris

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