Loose Articles – ‘Buses’

Incensed, booze-soaked rage towards public transport reaches new heights on Loose Articles’ newest single ‘Buses’.

Mundanity is hell. The unerring back-and-forth of work and sleep, only to wake to another day of work is no longer offset by the purgation of a night out. Manchester’s post-punk working girls Loose Articles capture the grinding frustration of taking the bus, exacerbated by anxiety.

Paranoia builds throughout the track, singer Natalie Wardle rhythmically announcing her phobias on the journey, daily fears echoed in yowling guitar compounded until they are blown up to riotous proportions. Coming to a head in cathartic yelps and a repeated mantra of “I hate buses!”, there is something refreshingly singular in its uncomplicated, to-the-point-punk.

Though the track is a less complex offering than the preceding ‘Up the Disco’, which was afforded a certain sheen with accompanying backing vocals, the unadulterated frustration of ‘Buses’ cuts with clarity. Loose Articles stand apart for being a quartet of women with 9-5 jobs who are equally capable of raising hell. This newest track succeeds in bringing these two parallel existences to an unruly apex.

Flora Pick

Image credit: Piran Aston

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