Lucy Pottinger – ‘By Your Side’

Teesside newcomer Lucy Pottinger’s latest release ‘By Your Side’ is a harmonic masterpiece, honest but intricate.

‘By Your Side’ is like coming across a rare demo by your favourite band that has rarely surfaced, giving you the ecstasy of new discovery and allowing you to have the bragging rights of boasting you have a rare gem on your playlist but it’s so valuable because only you have it – nobody else does. The melancholic lyrics, the soft strumming of the chord progression, all sugar-coated with a soft voice is like seeing Ellie Rowsell covering Tracy Chapmen on the side of a canal during the summer sunset, this song provides you with an acoustic euphoria. The lyrics are melancholic, but they are a melancholic masterclass as Lucy’s songwriting does hit home with the longing of always having someone by your side as those memories you can create with that someone later becomes nostalgia that you long a return to.

The cover of this single completely embodies the tranquillity of this song: Saltburn beach is a thing of wonder and discovery if you’re from outside and once you’ve been, the more you want to come back. Like with this song, once you’ve finished, you want to play it again and again because it is a track that proves to be timeless and you just want to get that hit of harmony like you did the first time around. I think Lucy has intended to write the song to produce that sense of nostalgia that you desperately want to go back to, and it has worked 100%, because you find yourself halfway through in your head, looking at an album of grainy photos. They may be grainy, but they are your memories and you treasure them that much you want to go back to those times that provided a whirlwind of glee.

Overall, this single was amazing as the soft strumming, alongside soft vocals, provided me with a whirlwind of emotions. I would strongly recommend for those who are fans of bedroom folk as well as those who are heavy listeners of Wolf Alice and Jake Bugg.

Jack McKenna

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