Mac Benson’s new single ‘BLUNT BLADE’ is dark and pulsating.

‘BLUNT BLADE’ by Mac Benson is a slow and brooding track. It’s lyrics explore themes of mental health and how relationships can affect you. Mac does this with a slow and episodic flow that fits nicely with the beat of the track.

It utilizes a dark, pulsating bassline to keep the song moving. The production on the track is great, the bass is not too heavy and the vocals stand out over the instrumentals. The beat picks up a bit going into the final third of the song and helps keep the instrumental from getting stale.

The vocal performance is a little dull at times but for the most part is good throughout the song, Mac’s voice fits well with the slow instrumental of the song to create a smooth and very enjoyable listening experience. Overall, I really like the song, the instrumental feels fresh and unique and the lyrics seem to be very personal and introspective.

We spoke to Mac himself and asked him what ‘BLUNT BLADE’ meant to him and we asked for a sneaky insight too.

“The song began at around 4/5AM one morning after I had finished a writing and recording session with a friend, I was really exhausted but couldn’t sleep so after finding this really gritty and distorted bass sound which you hear at the start, I just started making this eerie, ominous beat.

I wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocals in about 2 hours

The song, for me, began by me taking the perspective of a character: a gossip who is insecure and trying to take back things they wish they hadn’t said

‘I wish that I had never said a word, sometimes things are just better left unheard’

However, as I continued to write, the song’s concept changed into being about something else, more personal, about my struggles with anxiety and isolation.

‘Been isolating myself for some time’ and about a strange, obsessive and animalistic side of me which manifests itself when I have feelings for somebody.”

Words: Alex Thomson

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