Mallrat at The Old Blue Last

“I didn’t think anyone would come here tonight,”the 19-year-old Aussie shouts to a sold out crowd at East London’s notorious Old Blue Last.

These past two years Mallrat, Grace Shaw to her friends, has been making a name for herself amidst the uproar of new electronic music that we’ve seen an emerge in. Having an entire room of anti-social, generation Z individuals chanting lyrics the likes of, “and I didn’t even wanna die once this week,” in pure harmony was quite the sight, one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments.

Mallrat brings the energy everywhere she travels, her first ever UK show being no exception. Grace makes even the smallest of stages her own, but there’s no ego behind it. She’s one of us. The majority of the room shares the same age as her, have matching interests and act alike too, this how even a small smirk from the lady as she finishes her set not quite believing the turnout could light up the entire room.

Stories shared of how she bunked school the day she put out her first ever track Suicide Blonde due to the embarrassment was just one of the many highlights, but above all the biggest thing taken away from the night was seeing a girl that made what she calls ‘shitty Garageband demos’ in her bedroom playing a full set at one of London’s most famous and historic bars.

The gig is going to go down as a special one; with friends and ‘day ones’ from the other side of the world flying out especially for the night. We were finally able to witness her incredible debut EP live and yes, Uninvited is just as mental as you’d imagine it would be. As lil’ Mallrat sings, “everyone talks nicely, but I don’t think they like me, in Inside Voices we’re here to say relax, we like you a lot.

Oh, and now that Mallrat is legally old enough to not get kicked out of the venues she plays straight after her sets, this first round is on us.

Words: Jordan White

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