Mallrat – ‘Rockstar’

Indie-pop queen Mallrat releases her new single ‘Rockstar’. 

Brisbane-born star, Mallrat has carved a career finding beauty in the mundane. In her new single ‘Rockstar’, her first single of the year, we see a poignant and reflective take on the end of a relationship; and one that sees the 20- year-old confidently look to the future, shaking off the past.

“When you call my name, it’ll be too late” she sings in the chorus, a harkening warning of too-little-too-late. Co-written by Tommy English (a co-writer of Kasey Musgraves’ ‘High Horse’), the track has a gritty twang that instantly sees the songs are parallel, with similar themes of finding comfortability in the ending of things.

Allowing for a breath of retrospect, Mallrat croons “don’t think you’re slick for cashing in on my magic” as she weaves between sultry guitar-riffs, her vocals given an almost TV-static-like production to add an extra layer of nostalgia.

Comparing the track herself to idols such as Lana Del Rey, ‘Rockstar’ is a perfect fit for the time of year, as the leaves fall and lovers continue to disappoint. Promising a bright future, wherever and whenever that may be, the song is a telescope that gazes far, far down a future path; one that, no matter how someone may try to, can not be ultimately dimmed.

It’s a promising next step for an artist who has already toured with Maggie Rogers, Post Malone, and King Princess and headlined sold-out tours of her own. With a futuristic and bold ending, ‘Rockstar’ lines up with a sound adjacent to the overall vision of Charli xcx’s ‘Pop 2’ mixtape.

Jay Hawkridge


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