Marie Naffah – ‘Wasteland’

If you want to pretend you’re in a strobe-lit club right now, then Marie Naffah’s ‘Wasteland’ will transport you there with ease. 

Marie Naffah teases everyone missing the dance floor with her rhythmic pop offering, her distinct voice the cherry on the top. The singer-songwriter, based in London and recipient of the MTV Unsigned award back in 2013, leaves no stone unturned with her latest single and doesn’t shy away from unabashedly wearing her heart upon her sleeve. After all, Valentine’s is around the corner.

Asking “am I everything you want?” repeatedly and subjecting herself to a cloak of vulnerability; a guard not everyone can happily let down and consequently gets straight to the point. Not only does she show off her incredibly mellow and unique voice, one that’s akin to the likes of Florence and The Machine, but her accompanying music video will impress even the most uptight of Film students.

Drifting from black and white and then back into colour, the short film shows Marie up close and personal before developing a sprinkling of carnage, and is a must-watch for any film fanatics who just so happen to enjoy powerful pop vocals and a song so concisely layered it could easily be mistaken for a song heard on the Top 40.

If you like a catchy tune with admirably bold lyrics, then look no further because Marie Naffah is the gift that keeps on giving.


Image and video credits: Holly Morrison 

Kamala Adams

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