Martha Skye Murphy is set to release her stripped back single “Black Eye”.

Martha Skye Murphy hails from South East London and is the former backing vocalist of no other than Nick Cave. He has described her songs as ‘haunting, lean and spacious’. Martha’s latest track “Black Eye” will be released on the 10th May.

“Black Eye” is stripped back just focusses on vocals and piano, with flourishes of background noise throughout the track, like a summer breeze through a tree. Which rounds the track up nicely giving it a very chilled out but intense sound. The vocals resemble the likes of Laura Marling or even a female Thom Yorke, I would definitely recommend you listen to this if you are a fan of his.

Though the track is beautiful and full of emotion it doesn’t quite draw me in, the song sounds fairly similar throughout so I did lose interest part of the way through. However, I reckon Martha has something exciting up her sleeve and working checking out.

You can check out Martha Skye Murphy live at the following dates:


11 April – Brixton Windmill as part of ex-Mother’s Union

13 April – Studio 9294, ‘Bird On The Wire Turns 10’ with Black Country New Road, Squid

27 April – Grow Stage, Test Pressing Festival

30 April – The Glove that Fits, ‘Black Eye’ Single Launch Show

05 May – Dingwalls, Dingwalls Weekender

15 May – Lexington, Supporting Ohtis

17 April – Sebright Arms, Supporting Yama Warashi


Words: Lucie Marsh 


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