Matilda Cole – ‘Stay Awake’

Matilda Cole

Standing on the edge of teenage dreams, Matilda Cole takes us into a world of her daydreams, in her sparkling new single ‘Stay Awake’.

Matilda Cole wears her heart on her sleeve – she does not keep her feelings hidden under the surface. Her music acts as if it were a replacement for her diary, documenting each and every experience in her life–including the transition from her teenage years–whilst approaching adulthood. Wistful thoughts and sentimental musings are presented successfully through a dreamy indie-pop limelight to create a sense of oozing nostalgia.

The 18-year-old rising star has released the addictive new track in the build-up to the release of her debut EP ‘Milk Teeth’, which is set to wobble into the world on June 4th 2021. ‘Stay Awake’, co-written by Hannah Yadi, is a song “about the specific kind of pain of watching someone you love get sadder and sadder” says Matilda. “There’s a special kind of friendship you have when you’re just becoming a teenager, that hurts extra hard when they pull away from you and there’s nothing you can do.”

Matilda Cole’s penmanship comes from years of writing unfiltered poems in her bedroom and focuses on life surrounded by friends, family as well as past loves and losses, topics fueling the speaking point behind ‘Milk Teeth’. The debut EP is a saccharine depiction of teenage unconsciousness and innocence, featuring her previous singles ‘The Clouds’ and ‘Be There’; odes to the ups and downs of female friendships and reflective reminders to never adjust for unrequited love.

With more talent on the horizon from this young raconteur, Matilda Cole is definitely written in the books as one to watch for 2021.


Imogen May

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