MEAT release their new track ‘Circles’

Upcoming experimental band Meat release their new tune ‘Circles’ 

‘If I Were A Carpenter’ is the daddy of compilation albums. Not only because it makes The Carpenters more exciting than they ever were in a dark, nightmarish kind of way, but it includes Sonic Youth’s cover of ‘Superstar’. Originally, the track is elegant and beautiful in its dramatic melancholia. The cover, however, takes black paint and applies it lavishly over its chivalry with hushed vocals and ominous piano.

‘Circles’ is the latest track from the rising experimental rock group, Meat. And ‘Circles’ is very much a mirror image of that Sonic Youth cover.

This is the soundtrack to your lucid dreams: a haunting lullaby. The track opens with the languid purring of a guitar as it is gently stroked. Suddenly, it collapses into spellbinding hypnotism. Intrinsic to playing strings, arpeggios take shape in the form of a tornado, following their cyclic fate. Meanwhile, hushed vocals hum and cymbals dance and sizzle.

‘Circles’ is a geometric waltz, fitting for the skeleton’s ball, the modern ‘Superstar’. In its semi-ghoulish fashion, ‘Circles’ is likely to float aimlessly around in your head and around and around.

Let Meat be the snake charmers and you the snake.


Words: Meg Berridge 



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