Melancholy Ray – ‘Cassette’

A song that is sprinkled with summer rays and classic DIY rock sounds, Melancholy Ray’s new single ‘Cassette’ only makes your heart grow fonder for a normal life.

Leeds five-piece Melancholy Ray are back and sticking to their roots with not only classic DIY sounds but ‘Cassette’ focuses on a summer where life was regular and not this strange new abnormal we’re living in now. “Leeds in the summer 2019/ I can’t believe what a fool I seem”. It takes us back, pulls on our heartstrings ever so subtly, and most importantly gets you in a groove. With iconic scratchy guitar riffs, slow and soft vocals from Callum Fewell these Northern chaps know what makes a perfect Indie-rock vibe.

Written by frontman Callum Fewell and lead guitarist Aaron Bentley when the car crash we call a country went into lockdown, the two found great comfort in fond memories of the summer just gone. Melancholy Ray have collaborated with their London gal Phoebe Marshall and have done so again where she provides beautifully gentle and supportive backing vocals that soothe the soul.


Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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