Michael Aldag – ‘Arrogance’

Liverpool alternative singer-songwriter Michael Aldag is back with his synth-infused single ‘Arrogance’ 

Tipped to become one of the year’s ones-to-watch, Michael Aldag dips into the gorgeous sounds of bedroom-pop and experiments with his unwavering flow of creativity. Fresh off the back of his recent offering ‘Conversation’ which was released in 2020, Aldag presents his upbeat, slick new belter, ‘Arrogance’. 

‘Arrogance’ consists of dramatic bass rolls and vocals that wrap around the bold beat that carries the single throughout. His lyrics are captivating with a mighty chorus to match. 

Speaking on the track, Michael says: “I wanted to make a song that people can blast when they’re loving themselves and not have to apologise for it. It’s not subtle or nuanced, it’s literally me being painfully cocky for 3 minutes. Everyone can feel like God’s gift to earth sometimes, ‘Arrogance’ is for those times.”



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