Michael Aldag – ‘Trust Funds’

Swooping in with a technicolour concoction of synths and tongue-in-cheek lyrical observations, Tik-Tok sensation and Liverpool’s own Michael Aldag returns with new single ‘Trust Funds’

Cruising along with an upbeat bubbly riff, Aldag shares his honest and disconcerting experiences of financial entitlement amongst the youth. Cleverly juxtaposing its optimistic, joyful, and ​Alfie Templeman / Owl City-Esque​ production, ‘Trust Funds’ is an honest, sometimes a little on the nose but authentic commentary on the imbalances in society.

Unafraid to speak candidly, Aldag delivers to the listener a short but authentic relaying of humorous analysis on the middle-to-upper class lifestyle and it’s clear that Aldag is passionate about highlighting such glaring differences. Speaking of the single he says, ​”It’s an important song for me as it preaches that ‘no one should have a Range Rover when they’re 17’ which is something I’ll stand by ’til death.”

‘Trust Funds’, aside from the bulging societal narrative, is a sincere demonstration of the quirky writing abilities Michael Aldag inhabits and establishes him as a contender to be reckoned with in modern-pop.

Unlike previous singles ‘Conversation’ and ‘Divorce’, ‘Trust Funds’ relies more so on the bedroom-pop traits that have become customary for an artist of his ilk and despite comparisons to his contemporaries, Aldag serves up a refreshing spin on the genre. Loaded with quippy rhymes and an abundance of unique compositions, ‘Trust Funds’ bounces with energy whilst dolling out a great deal of stinging analysis.

Image credit: Robin Clewley

Harrison Smith

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