Michael Butera – The Green Garden

Perfect, polished melodies and poptastic beats, Michael Butera has it all.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Michael Butera is no stranger to the stage, traveling and basing himself in North America, his perfect summer, the exploratory song ‘The Green Garden’ has finally arrived. After a year away to concentrate on his music, his latest release doesn’t disappoint. 

Starting off with a wave of floral, soothing beats, infused with beautiful touches of a piano, it develops into a glossy and rather polished anthem. Butera is not afraid to use his voice to the best of his ability, showing off all tones and pitches; he has it all. He doesn’t shy away from creating imagery and expressing his feelings within his music. 

‘The Green Garden’ is simplistic but dazzling with hints of euphoria and happiness. There’s nothing more you could want. 

Words: Geo Blackman 

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