Mint deliver roaring sounds and attitude soaked lyrics in their recent single ‘Nothing Seems To Get Me High’.

It’s frustrating nowadays how many bands try and be the same as another band they look up to; too many bands want to be something they quite clearly aren’t. Catfish and The Bottlemen sounding bastards don’t go very far in the music industry unless they do it with a tiny bit of originality but sometimes you have to scout out and dig deeper, to find the cool sounding bands who will eventually take the world by storm. One of these bands is ‘Mint’, a Grimsby quartet who made their ultimate breakthrough last night with their most recent single “Nothing Seems To Get Me High”, which was broadcasted on BBC Radio 1 for the record of the night.

This track delivers roaring and repetitive sounds and attitude soaked lyrics. It starts off loud and fuzzy – there’s lots of sounds to start with but after a few seconds an exciting whirlwind breaks loose and you get lost in the rowdiness. The catchy chorus sang by front man Zak will be circulating my brain for a while after listening to this. I just wish the song was a little bit longer, mainly because the song is addictive. I want it on a loop!

Mint kick off their tour tonight in Stoke-On-Trent, headlining The Underground.

Mint – Nothing Seems To Get Me High



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